Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mon July 10

Weekend Music Radio on 6400 @ 1905. Coming in well with 44444 SINPO.

Tentative log of Wave Radio on 6300 @ 1915. Station playing rock music but no ID while I was listening. 33333 SINPO.

Station on 6304 @ 1920 playing music by 80s band The Smiths (43433). Again no ID and lost at 1930 when Radio Mazda signed on on 6305 with schlager. Bit of a whistle between the two signals (43443).

West Coast Radio heard @ 2155 on 6295 playing 80s pop. A good signal here (44444). Reception held up until 2310UTC when it faded out. WCR announced email address of westcoastam@hotmail.com and snail mail address of Baljuwstraat 24, 2225GG Katwyk, Netherlands.

Still a horrible mess on 6305 @ 2200. Station playing 90s dance mx competing with a station playing 80s soft rock. Bad heterodyne and couldn't pick an ID out of either. It's a shame stations can't check whether frequencies are clear before switching on to avoid this situation!


Anonymous said...


I Dont think that it is a shame, because the dutch pirate`s
Dosnt here the signals off other stations inside this country.
Regards Radio Ruigezand

uk dxer said...

If you don't hear the signal then you cannot be blamed.

But I am sure some stations do just turn on their transmitter without checking first.

Anonymous said...

I was one off the stations on air and i heard afterwards that an other station was also on air at the same freq.
When i putt my transmitter on air i listen before and i heard nothing only on 6.295 was a signal.
Thats all Folks

Regards Radio Ruigezand ( Holland )