Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sun Jul 16

Another very hot day. Not good for shortwave reception.

I heard Radio Saturnus @ 0750 on 6265 playing schlager, announcements in Dutch and English. 33433 SINPO.

Radio Orion playing a selection of oldies plus some polka music on 6400 @ 0755. Signed off @ 0805. SINPO of 44333.

Radio Victoria was on 6285 @ 0810 playing rock and pop. Fair signal - 34433.

Solar Radio heard on 6211 @ 0905 playing dance mx. Fair signal but fair bit of fading - 34433.

Radio Underground finally faded in @ 0920 on 6311 although most of day suffering deep fades - a good signal at times and other times disappeared completely. He also announced a new phone number of 07908 556 163. SINPO 33433. Thanks for the mention, Steve.

Premier Radio Int was heard on 6265 @ 0925 playing the usual 70s mx and "Premier Radio" jingles. 34433.

Radio Valencia was on 6304 @ 0935 with schlager and oldies, like "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." Gave out email address of SINPO 34433.

Looked for Sligo European Radio on 9330 but nothing here, although I did hear Laser Hot Hits on 9390 with a fair signal.

Bogusman heard on 6266 @ 2035 chatting about life etc, and playing indie music. SINPO 43433.

Eldorado Radio was on 6307 @ 2145 playing "Japanese Boy" and other oldies. SINPO 34333.

West Coast Radio heard on 6286 @ 2155 with dance music. Some splash from Reflections Europe, strong here on 6295. WCR's SINPO was 33433.


weatherall said...

Hi there:
Nice job on the logs! Can you tell me more about the antenna you use? How long is it and how is it positioned?

uk dxer said...

Glad you like the logs. Obviously I don't catch everything but I have a go!!

I use a 20m longwire positioned in a north to south direction.

Anonymous said...

Hello UK dxer,thanks for the loggins! Do you have an email address for me? Then i can send you some photos,greetings Radio Saturnus,the Netherlands.

uk dxer said...

No email address at present. I will have sort one out.