Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sat July 15

Poor conditions on 48m tonight and not much heard.

First up, was Weekend Music Radio (the real one this time, I think) @ 1830 on 6401, playing Black Sabbath and WMR jingles. 34433 SINPO.

Radio Mazda was playing a lot of non-stop schlager on 6290. He finally did ID @ 1845. Another 34433 SINPO.

I think 75m was a bit better. Certainly Spaceman was coming in well on 3927 @ 2015 with 44444 SINPO playing schlager and chat in Dutch and English.

But it was bad news for a station on 3922 which was swamped by Spaceman's mega-signal. Heard some 80s pop but couldn't catch an ID. Went off @ 2020.

Even Laser was struggling on 6275/6220. When I returned to the radio I heard a German station on 6306 @ 2140 playing German pop. Modulation was a bit distorted and again I couldn't get an ID and 48m was rapidly fading out. SINPO 34433.

Any ideas on the unids?


Robertas said...

German station on 6306 - Radio Kilohertz.

uk dxer said...

Thanks for that. I heard 'kilohertz' mentioned but wasn't sure if it was the station name or the giving out the frequency!