Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sun July 9

Quite a lot of activity on Sunday morning. Cool and windy day here - heatwave is over!

Starting off with Orion Radio on 6400 @ 0740 playing oldies, giving out the address (in Oldebroek) and email. 34333 SINPO.

Radio Borderhunter was on 6210 @ 0745 playing 60s mx. Always seems to be well received here - today no exception (44444).

On 6292 @ 0750 was Antonio Radio playing instrumental music and in qso with Sallandse Boer and Digital. 34333.

Premier Radio Int from the west coast of Ireland was on 6265 @ 0755 playing the usual 70s mx. 34433 here.

Radio Mazda was playing schlager on 6305 @ 0820. Good signal here - 44444.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6325 @ 0825, co-channel with a weaker station underneath. Playing dance mx. 33443.

On 6269 was Radio Saturnus playing 80s mx @ 0830 with 33433 SINPO and giving out its email address of

Jolly Roger Radio was on 6242 with Big Bill's Country Classics - an American country music show @ 0835 with 33433. JRR also relayed Britain Radio Int @ 0905. Roger Davis heard talking about 40th anniversary of start of Radio 270 - an offshore station that broadcast off the Yorkshire coast in the mid-1960s.

Radio Shadowman was on 6297 @ 0910 playing schlager & oldies, talk in Dutch. Gave email address as

Couple of German station stations heard on 6205 & 6285. Not strong enough to ID here. Bermuda DX logged Thunderbird on 6205 & Likedeeler on 6285.

On 6265 was Delta Radio @ 0940 with schlager, oldies. At first co-channel qrm (probably with Premier Radio) but later in the clear. SINPO 43433. Gave email address as Off 1155.

On 6300 was a station playing polka @ 1045. Again not strong enough to ID.

Weekend Music Radio heard @ 1630 on 6400 - slight change from previous frequency of 6401. Featured rock music and recordings of old shortwave stations. 44433 SINPO. Still going strong @ 2300, when signal began to fade out. Around 2200, signal was 9+20dB.

Radio Ridiculous was testing equipment on 6309 @ 2040. Good signal here - 44444. Playing instrumental 'anorak' music. Went off @ 2045.

Cupid Radio was on 6305 @ 2030, playing rock & dance mx. Some splash from Ridiculous on 6309. SINPO 43443. Announced PO Box 9, 8096ZG Oldebroek, Netherlands address.

Mystery Radio was on 6220 with usual pop and canned IDs. Stronger than co-channel Laser @ 2145. SINPO 43443.


Anonymous said...

Its a pity, you couldnt listen to the german pirates and we germans could not listen to the british and irish stations. Maybe in autumn or winter conditions get better. Greetings and thanks for logs. DJ Dipol

uk dxer said...

Skip conditions should improve as we head towards winter for daytime reception, but we will lose the night time reception on 48 metres.

Anonymous said...

An interesting log of WMR on 6400.Is this the hoax WMR again???

uk dxer said...

I wondered that. If it is, the hoaxer has increased his power to match WMR. Have to see if Jack Russell leaves any messages on the forums to say it wasn't him last night!

Anonymous said...

Your UNID 6300 Khz 10h45, I heard Radio GOLFBREKER littel signal many QRM at 11H05 UTC of this frequency.

uk dxer said...

Thanks Marcel